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Recently in Belarus in general and Minsk in particular is often visited by world stars, more is all kinds of music festivals, concerts, and sporting events. And it is very good.

The main types of insurance in this area:

  • insurance of responsibility of organizers of entertainment (sports) events (concerts, festivals, open-air, competitions, Championships),
  • insurance of artists and athletes,
  • property insurance and professional equipment of organizers and participants of events
  • insurance risk undoing any kind of events (concerts, shows, sports events).

Will be Calmer for all: the organizers, and spectators.

Did You know that Events insurance – is a completely new type of insurance for Belarus? It appeared only in the beginning of 2014! By the way, the ice-hockey world championship in just the same was insured in the event of cancellation. Fortunately, nothing was canceled, and everything was amazing!

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