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Why you need an insurance broker? It's the same intermediary, another link that lengthens the chain!..

Yes, the insurance broker is an intermediary. But the bike (motorcycle, car) is also a intermediary. Between You and the road. Of course, you can walk from point A to point B. However, a long, difficult and troublesome. And more expensive to get the output. More better to take the "bike"...


The insurance market is multifaceted. Insurance products on it – a lot. The issues faced sometimes are very time consuming: how to determine what can be useful and relevant? how to choose an insurance company? On which points should pay attention in the insurance contract? what to do when the insurance case?..

Knowing the insurance market, having the situation in insurance law, with significant experience in insurance, we help You to answer on all difficult questions and to choose the best option on a ratio "price-quality".

Thus, cooperating with our company, You get professional insurance consultant, who will help you to understand the details and nuances of insurance and who ALWAYS defends the interests of the Client!

Besides, it's just convenient! Agree that it is easier to communicate with someone who is always "in the know" and "connected". You do not need to switch to different specialists due to the fact that someone on vacation, out sick, at a meeting...

That's why it makes more sense to ask the broker, especially if we are talking about difficult kinds of insurance.



Би энд Би иншуранс Купала

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The line of our activity - work with companies. Today our Clients are more than thirty companies of various ownership forms and professional orientation.


We have increased the limit

We have increased the limit of our professional liability insurance policy up to 500,000 Euro!


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  • Nothing is so cheap and appreciated so expensive as an insurance policy during the insurance case.

    — Ilya Ilf and Eugene Petrov

  • Insurance is a parachute: if You don't have it at the right time, more You won't need it.

    — Smiljan Mori

  • Complete peace of mind can give you only an insurance policy.

    — Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov "the Golden calf"



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