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For sure, everybody heard something about this kind of insurance. Someone more, someone less. So, everything that You have heard good things about health insurance is true! It really works, and it's actually very comfortable!

In developed countries, health insurance is perceived as something self-evident. The costs initially planned, either in the family budget, or the heads of companies that offer health insurance in the social package.

I am glad that today a growing number of managers understand the importance of medical insurance and actively participate in negotiating the terms of insurance.

The price? In different ways. Depending on Your wishes and possibilities. But the fact that health insurance is available for any company – it's a fact!


Do You know how many insurance companies today offer health insurance? 12! Which of them to choose and not to miscalculate?..

We know what the insurance company offers today the best options of insurance. We also continually monitor not only monetary components, but such very important aspects as the number of insured, the number of doctors answering the calls of the insured, methods of organization of process of reception of calls, the loss ratio and so on.

We do unique, independent and comprehensive analysis of the insurance market in this area on the basis of which to make the right choice You will be much easier.

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